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Music Linx Page-1


1. Metallica- Master of Puppets:
Metallica- Song: Master of Puppets
2. Boston- More Than a Feeling:
Boston- Song: More Than a Feeling
3. Abba- Dancing Queen:
Abba- Dancing Queen
4. Fleetwood Mac- Dreams:
Fleetwood Mac- Song: Dreams
5. Elton John- Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me:
Elton John- Song: Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
6. Deep Purple- Highway Star:
Deep Purple- Song: Highway Star
7. Yes- Close to the Edge:
Yes- Song: Close to the Edge
8. Yes- Long Distance Runaround:
Yes- Song: Long Distance Runaround
9. Neil Young- There Comes a Time:
Neil Young- Song: There Comes a Time
10. IZ- Somewhere Over the Rainbow:
IZ- Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
11. Joe Satriani- Summer Song:
Joe Satriani- Song: Summer Song
12. Madonna- Like a Prayer:
Madonna- Song: Like a Prayer
13. Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb:
Pink Floyd- Song: Comfortably Numb
14. Ace of Base- I Saw the Sign:
Ace of Base- Song: I Saw the Sign
15. Queensryche- Empire:
Queensryche- Song: Empire
16. Santana- Europa:
Santana- Song: Europa
17. Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun:
Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun
18. Jimi Hendrix- Star Spangled Banner:
Jimi Hendrix- Song: Star Spangled Banner
19. Sting- Fields of Gold:
Sting- Song: Fields of Gold
20. Madonna- Take a Bow:
Madonna- Song: Take a Bow
21. Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On:
Celine Dion- Song: My Heart Will Go On
22. Celine Dion:
Celine Dion- Song: The Power of Love
23. Scorpions- No-One Like You:
Scorpions- Song: No-One Like You
24. Scorpions- Winds of Change:
Scorpions- Song: Winds of Change
25. Elton John- an You Feel the Love Tonight:
Elton John- Song: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
26. Barbara Streisand- Woman in Love:
Barbara Streisand- Song: Woman In Love
27. Motley Crue- Girls, Girls, Girls:
Motley Crue- Song: Girls, Girls, Girls
28. Dio- Rainbow in the Dark:
Dio- Song: Rainbow in the Night
29. Tina Turner- What's Love Got to Do With It:
Tina Turner- Song: What's Love Got To Do With It
30. Tina Turner- We Don't Need Another Hero:
Tina Turner- Song: We Don't Need Another Hero
31. Whitesnake- In the Still of the Night:
Whitesnake- Song: In the Still of the Night
32. Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter:
Rolling Stones- Song: Gimme Shelter
33. Metallica- For Whom the Bell Tolls:
Metallica- Song: For Whom the Bell Tolls
34. Van Halen- When Its Love:
Van Halen- Song: When Its Love
35. Peter Frampton- Do You Feel Like I Do:
Peter Frampton- Song: Do You Feel Like I Do
36. Boston- Smokin:
Boston- Song: Smokin
37. Boston- Rock and Roll Band:
Boston- Song: Rock and Roll Band
38. Pink Floyd- Shine On You Crazy Diamond:
Pink Floyd- Song: Shine on You Crazy Diamond
39. Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon:
Pink Floyd- Song: Dark Side of the Moon
40. Sarah McLaughlin- Arms of an Angel:
Sarah McLaughlin- Song: Arms of an Angel
41. Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You:
Whitney Houston- Song: I Will Always Love You
42. Mariah Carey- I Can't Live Without You:
Mariah Carey- Song: I Can't Live Without You
43. Mariah Carey- Can't Let Go:
Mariah Carey- Can't Let Go
44. Madonna- You'll See:
Madonna- Song: You'll See
45. Madonna- La Isla Bonita:
Madonna- Song: La Isla Bonita
46. Madonna- Frozen:
Madonna- Song: Frozen
47. Rush- Limelight:
Rush- Song: Limelight
48. Bon Jovi- Livin' On a Prayer:
Bon Jovi- Song: Livin' On A Prayer
49. Guns and Roses- Knockin on Heavens Door:
Guns and Roses- Song: Knockin on Heavens Door
50. Metallica- The Unforgiven:
Metallica- Song: The Unforgiven
51. Neil Young- My, My, Hey, Hey:
Neil Young- My, My, Hey, Hey
52. Olivia Newton John- Magic:
Olivia Newton John- Song: Magic
53. Olivia Newton John- Hopelessly Devoted to You:
Olivia Newton John- Song: Hopelessly Devoted to You
54. Skid Row- I Remember You:
Skid Row- Song: I Remember You
55. Skid Row- 18 and Life:
Skid Row- Song: 18 and Life
56. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters:
Metallica- Song: Nothing Else Matters
57. Alanis Morissette- One Hand In My Pocket:
Alanis Morissette- Song: One Hand In My Pocket
58. Linda Ronstadt- Tracks of my Tears:
Linda Ronstadt- Song: Tracks of my Tears
59. Abba- Knowing Me, Knowing You:
Abba- Song: Knowing Me, Knowing You
60. Madonna- Crazy For You:
Madonna- Song: Crazy For You
61. Pat Benetar- Invincible:
Pat Benetar- Song: Invincible
62. Pat Benetar- Love is a Battlefield:
Pat Benetar- Love is a Battlefield
63. Van Halen- Top of the World:
Van Halen- Song: Top of the World
64. Pink Floyd- Learning to Fly:
Pink Floyd- Song: Learning to Fly
65. Elton John- Can You Feel the Love Tonight:
Elton John- Song: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
66. Elton John- Rocket Man:
Elton John- Song: Rocket man
67. Celine Dion- Because You Loved Me:
Celine Dion- Song: Because You Loved Me
68. Celine Dion- That's The Way It Is:
Celine Dion- Song: That's The Way It Is
69. Celine Dion- To Love You More:
Celine Dion- Song: To Love You More
70. Moody Blues- Tuesday Afternoon:
Moody Blues- Song: Tuesday Afternoon
71. Def Leppard- Armageddon It:
Def Leopard- Song: Armageddon It
72. Def Leppard- Hysteria:
Def Leppard- Song: Hysteria
73. Def Leppard- Pour Some aSugar on Me:
Def Leppard- Song: Pour Some Sugar on Me
74. The Who- Baba O'Riley:
The Who- Song: Baba O'Riley
75. Heart- What About Love:
Heart- Song: What About Love
76. Fleetwood Mac- Little Lies:
Fleetwood Mac- Song: Little Lies
77. Heart- Never:
Heart- Song: Never
78. Motley Crue- Looks That Kill:
Motley Crue- Song: Looks That Kill
79. Motley Crue- Wild Side:
Motley Crue- Song: Wild Side
80. Scorpions- Alien Nation:
Scorpions- Song: Alien Nation
81. Scorpions- No-One Like You:
Scorpions- Song: No-One Like You
82. Guns and Roses- Welcome To The Jungle:
Guns and Roses- Song: Welcome to the Jungle
83. Irene Cara- Flashdance:
Irene Cara- Song: Flashdance
84. Boston- Long Time:
Boston- Song: Long Time
85. Berlin- Take My Breath Away:
Berlin- Song: Take My Breath Away
86. Le Ann Rimes- How Do I Live Without You:
Le Ann Rimes- Song: How Do I Live Without You
87. Journey- Open Arms:
Journey- Song: Open Arms
88. Heart- Alone:
Heart- Song: Alone
89. Chris Issak- Wicked Game:
Chris Issak- Song: Wicked Game
90. Roxette- It Must Have Been Love:
Roxette- Song: It Must Have been Love
91. Kansas- Carry On My Wayward Son:
Kansas- Song: Carry On My Wayward Son
92. Gary Wright- Dreamweaver:
Gary Wright- Song: Dreamweaver
93. Savage Garden- Truely, Madly, Deeply:
Savage Garden- Song: Truely, Madly, Deeply
94. Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven:
Led Zeppelin- Song: Stairway to Heaven
95. U2- With Or Without You:
U2- Song: With Or Without You
97. Beach Boys- California Girls:
Beach Boys- Song: California Girls
98. Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road:
Elton John- Song: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
99. Diana Ross- Ain't No Mountain High Enough:
Diana Ross- Song: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
100. Sade- Smooth Operator:
Sade- Song: Smooth Operator