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Mankind's Evolution into Galactic Civilization

“The fact that humans exist at all is a cause for celebration”
-Patricia Waak

Mankind's evolution throughout history has been a long, slow, laborious process. There have been many setbacks, yet there have been many stellar advances along the continnum of human evolution.

The breakthroughs and advances throughout our history have brought us to our current impasse as a species. We now find ourselves perched on a precipice that will catapult us into the greater galactic civilization in which we find ourselves gloriously embedded within.

Throughout the Cosmos, it has become unmistakenly clear that there are myriads of other life forms in existence throughout our Universe (or multiverse). Along the evolutionary ladder of creation, there are sure to be countless trillions of life forms less advanced than we are, yet, on the other side of the continnum, there are sure to be lifeforms and civilizations that are millions, billions, perhaps even trillions of years more advanced than human beings are today on planet earth.

Thus said, our species now stands at the very cusp of entering into a celestial interface/integration/relationship with the whole of the rest of galactic civilization. Our evolution as a species is now at the point where this must come about. The time has come for the collective consciousness of humanity to come to grips with the fact that we are not alone in the Universe (or multiverse). In fact, the whole of Creation absolutely teems with life.

The human species has now evolved to a level through which we are to be identified and initiated into the larger community of intergalactic life, intelligence and consciousness within Creation, the fruits of which will codify our true identity as a species along the long trajectory of common galactic evolution towards perfection. This is our moment and this is one of our greatest evolutionary advances as a species.

The book and movie, "Cosmos", inspired by the late Carl Sagan, is more to the point. The time has come to unveil the reality and existence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence in our Universe (or multiverse). The day of disclosure is here. This is the time, through our maturation and advancement as a species, to behold and embrace this new evolutionary perspective and understanding. Its time to take the quantum leap in higher consciousness and intelligence.

It is the evolution and advancement of human consciousness that is now coming to the fore, finally, to bring us into the enlightened realization that we as a species are about to enter into a collective relationship with the rest of galactic civilization.

According to physicist and author Michio Kaku, human civilization is a lowly type 0 civilization. That is, we are struggling to become an advanced Type 1 planetary civilization. Type 1 civilizations have suceeded in ending all forms of racism and discrimination within their socieities, have provided free energy, food, shelter, health care, transportation and education to all of its citizens, have ended all wars, conflict, poverty and environmental destruction and have successfully managed their civilizations for future generations. In essence, they have truly evolved into an advanced planetary civilization with a one world government successfully in operation. Whether or not our civilization independently succeeds or fails in its attempt to evolve into a Type 1 civilization, the point in fact remains that we are going to make the transition of entering into a relationship with the larger galactic civilization as a whole, irregardless of whether we survive or destroy ourselves in the upcoming years and decades.

The critical element in this evolutionary transition is what is commonly referred to in Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran) as the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is, in reality, a supra highly advanced civilization on a level that I designate as a Type 4 civilization. A Type 4 civilization is millions, if not billions, of years more advanced than our civilization here on Earth. In fact, there is great evidence to suggest that the human species was seeded and created by this highly advanced civilization for the purposes of life creation and evolution. However, Holy Scripture also describes a type of divine intervention in the future commonly referred to as the 'Day of Heavenly Judgement' when the Kingdom of Heaven descends to Earth for the purposes of judgement and punishment (of the wicked), as well as for the final establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. One can only surmise that this will be the institution of a divine government upon the Earth, which in turn, will give humanity access to the many life forms, civilizations and levels of consciousness and intelligence that reside throughout our galactic community of star systems.

The Kingdom of Heaven is symbolically and metaphorically about as advanced as humans are to ants here on Earth. As such, just as we don't interfere with an ant colonies evolution, the human species must collectively advance its own evolutionary potential and maturity without any outside extraterrestrial assistance or intervention. I suspect there is some kind of galactic Star Trek type of non-interference/non-intervention law that prohibits any outside interference within a species evolutionary advancement trajectory until they reach a critical threshold. I believe we have reached that critical threshold and will, in fact, ultimately evolve into a Type 1 civilization with divine asisstance from on High. As such, planetary civilization is coming to planet Earth whether we end up independently destroying ourselves or not- for this is the critical step that will be made to facilitate mankind's evolution into galactic civilization.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Kalispell, Montana

June 21, 2022


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